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       Welcome to AIR GNC
We hope you enjoy the surf of the site and also you see in it what you need. Here you will find desciptive and technical information of our products. You can also download in a free way all the manuals. We have seen from our origins that in order to accompany the expansion of this vibrant and growing industry area,  we should set the challenge to meet changing market demands and offer our customers a broad line of products and services. We want to hear your views and suggestions....
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Who we are
We are a group of people who join individually several years in Natural Gas Vehicle´s industry.  Administrative staff, sales and marketing, engineers and technicians since 1997, gather and exchange ideas to follow further projecting the growth as a whole of AIR CNG with all customers who share this project. To do this we interact constantly with workshops and end users of the product, analyzing and seeking solutions to the problems posed by industry. The techniques, which should be commensurate with emerging electronic  trends that vehicles offer. The regulations, which ar...
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Mission and objectives
Our objective is to continue accompanying the technological development of this powerful sector; which we considered becomes more demanding and competitive day after day. These are the types of challenges that every member of AIR GNC S.R.L. assumes with excellence, enthusiasm and professionalism. Our challenge is to be able to offer products inquired by the market as soon as possible, with high quality standards and the more competitive price. We are concerned by our contribution to the environment conservation and protection through the use of our technology. Our final mission is to permanent...
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Our Products
Regulator AG-01
The AG-01 model of the AIR GNC regulator is an equipment which enables CNG usage, as anbalternative fuel, to those engines fed by petrol without making any kind of change in the original fuel´s use.It is a product whose quality´s managment was designed based on the requirements established by the IRAM rules ISO 9001:2000 certified by the argentinian gas institute AGI and certified by E...

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